Taxi operators to join protest

MASERU — Taxi operators have agreed to join a protest organised by a group of Lesotho Congress for Democracy youths and the opposition against a government job freeze next Thursday.

The youths are now courting factory workers’ unions to be part of the demonstration.

The protest was initially set for yesterday but the alliance committee co-ordinating it has now rescheduled it for next Thursday.

A final meeting will be held today to plan the demonstration.

The “concerned youth”, as they call themselves, said they were planning to head to Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili’s offices in protest against the public service job freeze and other issues of national concern.

Maseru Region Transport Operators Association’s public relations officer Lebohang Moea yesterday confirmed that the taxi operators’ association is joining the protest.

But he said next Thursday was only a tentative day for the demonstration.

“Yes we have agreed to join the protests.

“But we are supposed to meet on Wednesday night (yesterday) to finalise the day,” Moea said.

The involvement of the taxi operators in the protest could result in many workers in the city failing to report for duty since the majority rely on public transport.

The deputy public relations officer for the youth’s coalition committee, Libe Moremoholo, yesterday told the Lesotho Times that the protest was gaining momentum because they had included other issues of national concern.

“Now that we are incorporating people from other sectors we will no longer march to the finance minister (Timothy Thahane)’s offices.

“Instead we are going to march to the Prime Minister’s office because we have now included many issues which we say the government should respond to.”

Moremoholo who is the president of the main opposition All Basotho Convention (ABC) youth league said they had decided to include factory workers because they were still complaining about poor wages.

The plan to incorporate them was formulated at the coalition committee’s meeting on Monday which was also attended by some taxi operators.

The textile industry is the country’s largest private sector employer with just over 35 000 workers.

Because of their huge numbers they are crucial to anyone planning a national demonstration.

Moremoholo said the demonstration is also expected to urge Mosisili to ensure that a case in which the Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) is seeking a court order to liquidate the troubled MKM is withdrawn.

“Now some LCD youth members seem to have joined my campaign that MKM should be allowed to pay its depositors without going for liquidation,” he added.

MKM’s fate is still hanging in the balance because a South African judge hired to deal with the case is yet to deliver judgment.

But Moremoholo denied that the demonstration seems to be taking the shape of a stay-away.

“This is not a stay-away because people will still be free to go to work.

“But there is a high possibility that public transport will be scarce that day,” he said.

The Likhetlane constituency MP added: “We are appealing to them to join us for the benefit of youths as they are the most affected people by poor governance.”

He dismissed allegations that the planned demonstration might threaten national security.

“We are not threatening security here. We beg everybody not to misinterpret us. We are only demanding social services.

“We demand our rights and we are not turning back!”

The planned demonstration comes after the ruling LCD faction referred to as Litima-mollo convened a multi-party meeting at Khubetsoana on April 17.

The meeting was convened at the same time another faction of the party was marching in support of Mosisili.

The meeting was seen as a snub to the LCD.

The Litima-mollo faction is reportedly led by LCD secretary general and government communications minister Mothetjoa Metsing.

But Metsing has in the past publicly distanced himself from the faction which is now spearheading protests against the government.

The other faction, Lija-mollo, is reportedly led by natural resources minister Monyane Moleleki.

Moleleki has also denied leading the faction.

Moremoholo said there would be more protests if Mosisili does not respond positively to their grievances on Thursday.

“If he does not positively respond to our grievances we will look for other options and one of the
options is a massive stay-away,” he said.

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60 thoughts on “Taxi operators to join protest

  1. Ahe le bale, oooe le bale, moekelesia le bale, ntho ngoe le engoe e na le nako. Tsa tloha, alililililili!!!!! A Molimo a baballe Lesotho le Basotho! Viva youth, viva. A mali a bana ba Basotho a ske mpe a ts’oloha hle re kopa ba ts’ireletso sethunya ska mpa sa lla motho a oa. Mona re loanela tokelo tsa rona re le bana ba naha ena, eo ba bang ba e fetotseng sentele sa bosholu, bobulu, bokhopo, bohlola etc…he re khathetse ke matona ana a holima molao le paramente le sohle a iketsetsang borata joalaka ha eka Lesotho lena ke la bona.

  2. Bacha ba Lesotho you are muddling up issues. Why should you sychronize your demonstration with that of an embattled, directionsless group of stupid boys and girls by LCD. Demonstrating in union with “lilathala tseno” weakens your course. Kapa ke qalo feela?

  3. This issue of mkm and cbl, i don’t get it very well, why people don’t want mkm liquidated and why they want it liquidated? also how mkm is going to make the money to pay those people? I personally support the strike, but not when it is lead by political parties. Libe Moremoholo is mp, and he failed to raise that in the parliament, so we will do it for ourselves. We have been victims for a long time now, and we need a change!

  4. @ tsebe, libe khale a bua ka mkm ka paramenteng mohlomphehi u mpa u haelloa ke kelello le tsebo. U r an ignorant hooligan e tsebang bonyane ho ngola maikutlo a baseless mona moeeng. 2. Ke kae moo tla fumana moo ho senang bapolotiki mohoantong oa sechaba? Haeba u bohlale joalo ka nna ntatao bashana, etsa research ea hore na Tunisia le Egypt na ho ne ho sena bapolotiki amongst d demonstrators. Black sam!

  5. @Matheso. Joale u nahana o tla fumana solution now! u bohlale a u etsang? “ka nna ntatao bashana” Ke nna ntatao hoba ke kotile mao!”ignorant hooligan” Nyoana ea mao!”u haelloa ke kelello” eona kelello i don’t have it, and i am not sure if ke ntho e teng, kapa koma eo ea hau ke eona kelello?

  6. Revolution on the way. Mohoanto oa hosane ke lihotetso tsa mollo oo Basotho ba tla u besa matsatsi a tlang. Sechaba se khathetse ke puso ena e sa nts’etseng naha pele eo ba li litulong ba ithuisang le malapa a bona ka lichelete tsa Sechaba.

    Hareeeeeng bannaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  7. viva basotho, viva! joale le a bo ntsa hore le a hola democracing, ha e etsowe nthoe ena e qale lesotho mona southern Africa he re khathetse ke ho se bone tsoelopele empa re bona batho ba lula ntlong ea ts’oene. BASOTHO KE NAKO JOALE, ea hore le rona re nke likhato tse nepashetseng, ‘me ha ho le tjena ho se ho qalioe.

  8. Tsebe

    Ke lumellana le maikutlo a hao ka botlalo. Thebe-ea-khale ke setlokotsebe se jeleng chelete ea mafutsana. Ke boikarabelo ba ‘muso ho sireletsa sechaba khahlanong le botlokotsebe, empa feela ele hore ‘muso oa manonyana o liehile ho nka khato khahlanong le Thebe-ea-khale. Ha a na eona chelete ea ho lefa basotho. Qetello ke hore ha a tlohelloa sechaba se tla boela se elela pusong hape. Hona ke ho tlolisa ‘muso ona o se nang thuso khati.

    Litaba li ngata tse ka sebelisoang bakeng sa mohoanto ona, ‘me e ka sehlohlolong ke bobolu. Ho qala ka block farming, procurement depts., ho aba mangolo a ho rafshoa ha taemane the list is endless.

  9. Enoa e bareng ke moremoholo o bua ka mkm hohle mona, re sa utloile ke eena. Ke ea kholoa e ee e re haa batla bohobe ka tee ha hae koana ebe o re mosali’ae o mofe bohobe ka mkm. fotshek!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ruling party turned opposition. Isn’t this shooting oneself in the foot? Who’s fooling who here? How’s this march going to help the political faction (Lija Mollo) into power? If this were to happen, who in that faction has the leadership qualities? I mean prime ministerial qualities? Is this not a move that marks their end in active politics? Let’s wait and see how things unfold.

    From a concerned citizen (not ‘concerned youth’)

  11. Ba ikarabellang tlhophisong ea mohoanto should aim at communicating adequately substantiated facts and give MCCD and Co. (lija mollo and litima mollo inclusive) an ultimatum. We shouldn’t be myopic as to address the symptoms but rather the root cause (boikhabo, ho hlokela Basotho toka, bo-nyollo) of our ordeal (tlala le bofuma) as a nation.

  12. ‘prime ministerial qualities’. MCCD ha a qala ho ba TK ba bangata ba ne ba re ke tichere ha tsebe letho empa o qeteletse a ‘pana poho entse e bohla’.

  13. The problem with the MKM scandal is that it was taken out of context and politicised by some desperate politicians who wanted to score points out of it. This is a ponzi scheme and it should be regarded as such. The offenders of a ponzi scheme in the U.S. were tried and given very heavy fines for defrauding and fleecing the citicenry of their hard-earned monies. Some of them are now languishing in jail! This is a decided case and it could be used as a precedent in our courts of law.

  14. The LCD government mishandled the economy. They kept buying luxury cars which they later on owned for just R 3997. They mishandled the saccu money and kept on buying ‘likamele’. This mccd guy is forever on the plane flying all over the world, for what I do not know. Now that they have misused our money they resort to some silly tactics:
    1. Increase passport fee from R100 to R500
    2. Increase drivers license fee from R100 to R700
    3. Increase citizenship fee fro R500 to R30 000
    4. Increase toll gate from R5.00 to R30.00
    5. Increase everything by more than 200%

    The sole purpose of all these ridiculous increases is for lithena tsena to finance their laxurious life styles.

  15. The mkm issue should also form part of these long list. For the simple reason that government bears all the blame for the fall of mkm. Government neglected its responsibilities of regulating the mkm. The did so simply to benefit e be ha ba qeta ba raha khamelo. No, they should not be allowed to do that. Ha ba qeta ho hira ma LCD ka likarete joale ba re ha ba sa hira (Ba raha khamelo hape)? Ba ea pota.

  16. @Lefeooane
    Your obsession with LCD makes you to mistake the tree for the forest.
    In the previous issue of the Lesotho times under the caption: “Insurgents Extradited”, you did not hesitate to display your single-mindedness when you averrred that these criminals from Mozambique are “LCD card-carrying members”. How dare you? My @ss!!

  17. @ Lefefoane,u have your freedom to say whatever ka lihooligan tsena tsa MaLCD.@ Tsebe ngoana monna, u nnkhopotsa ha ke sa le kolecheng boy.u lekopokopo le sa t’selang bashana joale u balehela litlhapeng moo ke sa eeng teng ha joale. Ke lisitse ka thahasello taba ea ho bana na LCD ea Sebatalali na e oela neng.Tsoela pele ho roahakana basaana boy.

  18. @Sebatalali, na ha se matona a ‘muso oa LCD a qetileng chelete ea naha? Na ha se ‘muso oa LCD o lihileng moruo oa Lesotho? Na hase ona muso oa LCD o hlolehileng ho isa bana likolong RSA selemong see? Na ha eno ba oona muso oa LCD o tlileng ho hloleha ho isa bana Roma selemong see? Yet the very LCD government continues to waste our money by buying a 9kg gas cylinder for R900, a can of coke for R52, etc. Yet ha ba tlameha HO ISA BANA KA rOMA BA RE NYELETE HA HA E EO NYELETE HA EO. Is’nt the same LCD government the architects of the notorious ‘block farming’? Ee? Ke bona ma LCD. Aren’t these LCD guys the ones who give inflated tenders to to one and only one Tescons? How can you say I am obsessed with LCD then?

    I will mobilise all the deserving youth whom nmds will not award sponsorship to nul this year to march to Thahane’s offices and stage a night vigil. I will mobilise all the categories of contractors who are fed up with this LCD government giving tneders to one man. I will mobilise all graduants to join the march in protest against LCD policy of freezing all civil service posts. I will mobilise all the citizens against poor service delivery at passport offices. I wish you join me mobilise all the sectors of the society against this corrupt, inept and incompetent LCD govenment. Just drive around the traffic cirle u bone mahlabisa lihlong a makalo. Hao o teng motho ea phelang hantle ea ka katanag sekontiri ka mobu? Nxa.

  19. i urge allunemployed graduates to join the march in protest against the goverments policy of freezing all civil service posts especially those graduates who had been deployed at various goverment department under the Nvc programme introduced by MGYSR last year because now the government is sending them back home after expiry of their contracts.

  20. “Lefefooane u have your freedom to say whatever ka lihooligan tsena tsa MaLCD”—Matheso
    Ngoan’eso Matheso, why can’t you be frank enough to your fellow-traveller, Lefefooane and tell him that his cheap propaganda that the criminals from Mozambique are “LCD card-carrying members” is negatively affecting his credibility as a blogger in this site and it renders him to be the LIAR of the worst kind? Or are you too a stranger to the truth!!

  21. The wave has finally arrived in the southern most part of Africa I hope. Ho tloha Tunisia (Tele) ho ea Lesotho (Mechachane). Observe the response ea the government. (Its going to be so stupid that it might accelerate Mccd’s downfall)

  22. Hela wena Matheso ua fodgery, I recurrently admonished you to quit using the names of other people. You are apparently not Matheso. Otherwise your name is in actuality monstrous!!! Stop moshemane. You are shameless of using other folks’names. U ngoana ea senang lihlong kea u bona……………….

    Lestimes is not a topix lona banna hle. This is a public newspaper.

  23. Good news!!! May the good Lord help this demonstration to succeed, its high time young people take it upon themselves to pave way for the comfortable future of this country, these old men know they are left with countable x-masses in this world and all they are interested in is making the most out of their final years on earth, young people are yet to live…and its up to them to transform this country into their ideal future platform.

  24. Re kopa ‘Malejaka le Motanyane ho fasa ntja tsa bona, mona re lokisetsa bana ba rona bokamoso. Unless you policemen and the army are happy to see your children suffer under the hand of this dictator. Lesotho ke la rona kaofeela.

  25. MATHESO is one hell of a corrupt HOOLIGAN……. with people like him…. i bet my last dallar Lesotho is going down to ashes!!!!!!! i know him personally…… NUL SRC is just his starting point!!!

  26. Ntho eo e tla reisa tokeng ke ‘nete fela batho beso.Lets not exaggerate things.
    But lets stick to the truth,and the truth is form from the beholder.We were told earlier this week that the saying that drivers licence fees are up isn’t true so why say M700?

    Anyway i wonder if those in charge for the march,made enough effort to distribute information the vast of people cos this so serious that many people should know about.

    I wish taxi owners could all hear to this appeal that they corporate to this march with their properties.Really people government should look otherwise ka ntho ena ea ho koala mesebetsi and other things.

    Bosotho are so good people who only needs good leadership,but hee ba bapala ka bonolo bona boo re nang le bona oooeee!!!!!!

  27. Skull Verssetti (The Well Informed) April 29, 2011 at 7:57 pm - Reply


    Your obsession (as mentioned earlier) or rather hatred for LCD and/Mccd has manifested beyond reasonable doubt to overshadow your imagination… just blame and attach everything to the aforementioned parties and its making you look pretty horrid. Even if it was to be told on a “morning show traffic update” that certain robots were not functioning Lefofooane was gonna say: wait for it: “KE ‘MUSO OA MccD”. Seriously, drop it already. I bet one of my few Maloti coins that in which ever disciple you are, being school, work etc when you fail you blame LCD/Mccd le ha u phehile hlama.

    As for the demonstration lets wait and see how it unfolds…and most importantly the response from the preferred recipient. Do exercise your right fellow country men.

    On a rather different note guys please do not use insults, can’t you just be civilized for once! Why put a debatable comment in the first place if you cant take a crush. We are somehow forced to follow the comments before commenting and we do not want to see such things.

  28. Libe ena u tletsoe ke masepa.Mosisili hlokomela meleko ena ea matona eo u busana le eona e ngotsoeng mona ehlile ke meleko bobeli ba bona u hloka ho bona n’a u etsang ka bona.Libe lesotho lena hase la mao,ke bona u batla ho re hlokisa botsitso,ka masepa ontse u abona feela u compain,hantle o tsoeroe ke masepa,hantle Mosisili le uena le tsoeroe ke masepa hobaneng le nyolla lintho joalo ka lihole tjee,ke bona eka le nahana lesotho lena ke labo malona.Uena Libe oa moleko hohle moo meferefere eleng teng u lula u hlahela hantle u nahana ueng uena lihele tooe,ha party ena ea lona ea mahlanya ese eka busa ka 2017 ka mohlolo,le teng haeba AIDS etlabe eso u bolae,u bona eka u tloba letona le joang,ke sure u tlo tsona le litlokotsebe tsena tse ngotsoeng ka holimo ka mona bometsing who are hungry for power

  29. He uena monna Libe nna ke tla mosebetsing labone moshamane,le basotho ba bangata,eseke eare ha le ntse le thetsana le le 50 la nahana basotho ke lirota tse mamelang lirota tse kang lona tjena,etlo feila masepanyana ana a lona joalo ka tse ling tse ileng tsa feila.Mosisili tsoha uena pele ure tlisitsa mathata ka satane tsena tseo u libitsang matona,tse tsoeroeng ke masepa.

  30. @manelo. Ho korotla teng le ho pasitse feela ha ele hore le bolelle ‘muso ona oo le o khethileng hore ha lea thaba lea thola. Lintho ke tseno mono li nyolohile le lutse le ntse le sebelana internetng mona. Buang le joetseng Mosisili tsa hea eseng ebe le ntse le moroakela internetng mona.
    ‘Na kannete as a youth ha kena ho kena-kenana le limarch tse senang thuso. Le tle le bone re tla qetelletse re ts’oana le maSouth Africa, le matha literaeke le siile bana ba lona mahae koana. Ke Lesotho mona, ha lena ho ebona nthonyana eno e ntse le bua ka eona

  31. Hee bahes’o, lea tseba naha ea rona ha ho moo e eang ka mofuta o tjee oa batho. Na le sa hopola hore ke litima tse neng li lle sa ‘mokotsana ha ho tebeloa matona ao a mang a ntseng a fuputsoa ka bobolu. na chelete e ka ba teng ‘musong ha basebeletsi ba ‘muso ba utsoa ka tsela e tjee. na lea hopola hore manpower batho ba eketsa linoto (zeros) ebe ‘muso ho thoe o lefe batho bao bona ba ithekele makoloi ba be ba ahele linyatsi tsa bona matlo le makoloi ka lichelete tsa sechaba. ‘Na ke re hoja ra itlhatloba re le sechaba ra tlohela ho supa puso. ‘Muso ofe kapa ofe o tla kena o ke ke oa phela ha ho ntse ho na le mofuta oa basebeletsi (boemong bofe kapa bofe – matona, liofisiri tsa ‘muso, batho ba fuoang litendera joalo joalo)ba mofuta o sa ts’abeng Molimo. Na ka ‘nete ke toka hore motho a je chelete ea ‘muso hore a be a siee lelapa la hae ilo lula le tlelereke ebe u e rekela li land rover discovery – ke bao hee batho bao re lokelang ho ba sheba.

  32. “The meeting was seen as a snub to the LCD.”
    Question: seen BY WHOM as a snub to the lcd? kapa le uena u se-ja-mollo ntate Tefo?

  33. Che motho ea ntseng a thabetse tsamaiso ea mmuso oa LCD ena ke mohale. I salute you guys. LCD e feitsi ka distinction. Well, I said it.

  34. It looks like the party’s problems are mounting especially after it became known that those people who were involved in the assassination attempt of the PM are coming back.Can anybody shed some light on what some people are actually afraid of? I suggest those who want to join should do so knowing exactly what is th real issue.

  35. Blaming the prince of fools (MCCD & his excecutive) should not blind anyone to the vast cofederacy of fools (Sebatalali, Manelo & Co.) that made him their prince. What ails Lesotho is the citizenry that entrusts pathetic individuals like MCCD with the premiership.

  36. I agree with Eric. We probably need to look at the source of problems rather than the symptoms. Ha batho ba jele chelete, le ‘muso o tla kena o tla ‘ne o be le mathatha. I thought the suggestion was that re mamelisise batho ha ba re memela lintho re be re shebe hore na ba bona liphoso ha e le bo mang, athe bao ba ba ratang liphoso tsa bona ba rata hore li koaheloe. ‘Na ke ntse ke re ho molemo ho sheba mohloli…ruri eka nketjoane o shoetse mohloling, ‘me ha re ntse re tsoelapele ho saooa ka litaba ha ho sa tla loka.

  37. As a concerned mosotho citizen, i think the goverment is the main culprits in this case. why say so. The goverment or minister of finance didnt introduce the symstem correctly. First of all, it was reccommended by the IMF that the BLNS countries who are beneficiaries from the SACU pool should introduce a comprehensive civil servant reform to reduce a sizable wage bill as one of the options to cut expendinture yet with a least effect on growth, as a priority not policy. The minister of communications didnt explain the root source to our uninformed public that the SA government felt loosing in this deal of SACU therefore revenue to BLNS countries has been cut. But the minister implemented it (freezing of jobs) without wieghing other altenatives, doing enough research and engaging other stakeholders, like opposition parties, private sector and academics. Solution: The government must empower private sector to accumulate new recruits and be relieved (Stop bridging the gap whereby politicins have become millions having a stake in everything that was privatised). How? Build a sustainable industrial development sector (We should produce at large scale) not textile or fatofato but technological(sustainable, meaningful and secure jobs) and empower already existing private sector. Opposition parties must have a clear mandate if we want a future in this country for the next generations. Later…!!!

  38. @Zakes I totally agree. The major problem Lesotho is facing ke Leano la mmuso o litulong. “Ba lapise, bat’sepise liphallelo, batla okhetha”. Ha ho moo ke balileng leano leo, to be honest, but by the look of things and what is going on on the ground that’s what the whole thing translates to. I can’t believe MCCD is so blind to see the abject poverty the majority of basotho are living in. I could not believe my eyes hake tlile hae ka mora nako e telele ke bona bana ba basotho ba rekisa Maotoana a likhoho a besitsoeng, I mean come on….

    On the other hand I guess that what the majority of basotho want. ke bona ba behileng Mmuso oo litulong.

    May God bless Lesotho and Basotho – may he also see them through these trying times. Osama Bin Laden is dead that means no man is immortal

  39. @Skull Verssetti, how dare you say I hate LCD when I expose its incompetence, corruption, nepotism etc? Ke ene ke e bone mebuso bathong jahang le sihele LCD ka bolehe. Bona, u tlare ke ntho lisele tsa eng tseo ba li etsang sekeleng moo moo ba ntseng batsela mobu? Where on earth have seen so many potholes in the road? He monna if the traffic light is not working, who else can you blame except the LCD government? We blame the LCD for mismanaging our small economy and handing all we had to the Chinese. LCD has given our country to the Chinese, hence we have Lesotho Chinese for Democracy (LCD). The LCD government is so broke that they are resorting to dirty tactics to raise funds. Among their dirty tactics are the following:
    1. Increase passport fee from R100 to R500
    2. Increase drivers license fee from R100 to R700
    3. Increase citizenship fee fro R500 to R30 000
    4. Increase toll gate from R5.00 to R30.00
    5. Cut the number of NMDS sponsoships
    6. Cut the civil service wage bill

  40. I hope the LCD/NMDS does not find itself in a mess similar to last year when 1st class students were told that there was no funding for them. I am just waiting for that moment when the minister of ‘corruption’ tells us there is no money to pay student fees.

  41. How LCD government performed in 2010:
    1. Finance (3/10)—their weak financial policies hurt the economy
    2. Sports (0/10)—-It was clear the LCD government knwew nothing and never even cared about sports. (LCD government has the oldest sports minister in the world aged 70 years)
    3. Agric (1/10)—–The woes of block farming still linger in my head
    4. Home Affairs (0.5/10) —– Passports, passports, passports
    5.Health (4/10)—– Although they still run the health centers without medication, I applaud them for their crack down on illegal clinics
    6. Prime ministers office (0/10) —- Ironically the most corrupt of all government offices. How on earth can the pm use tax payers money to buy a liter of juice for R70 and a can of coke for R50).
    7.Public Works (1/10)—–Just look at the pot holes on all of our roads. Even before they complete the construction of a new road, it is already infested with pot holes.
    8. Education (2/10)—- No policy direction at all. How can you finance primary education while leaving the high school education unfinanced? How on earth do you continue to run Lesotho high school (the cheapest of all schools) from tax payers money? Imagine LCD ministers paying around R40 fees at Lesotho hogh school while poor parents pay way over a R1000 at a local high school) Nxa. We must think again. Why do we tax payers need to finance Lesotho high school? Why?

  42. I think it is correct to say the citizens must stop being corrupt because it is adversely affecting the economy. However GoL is the one which must implement systems that work to stop corruption. When they wasted money and implemented the already failing IFMIS, it was applauded to be No 1 to curb corruption but it is the other way round. Lack of clear direction and policy.Blame!!!

    NMDS, lack of funds, if that’s true, to pay for tuition fees especially to new entrants at tertiary level, GoL/LCD, can you tell us how do you expect those students to further their studies? It’s like you are doing them a favour by paying for their fees, Hell NO, it’s your responsibility. Actually, it is your responsibility to see to it that we have infrastructure, education, affordable comms services, e.g. cell phone service providers who are ripping us now, we have enough food, subsidies e.g. fuel(petrol), housing, most men and women get old living malaeneng/rented accom. etc

    To make an example, RSA has put aside some billions over a certain period, that money is for JOB CREATION for Goodness sake, and GoL/LCD puts aside only 50m, please guys if you are serious, how many jobs can you create from that money?? Are you aware of the need for people to get serious jobs to earn their living?? Zakes spoke about a sustainable industrial development sector, where is that?? Please take it as new word in your vocabulary!!

  43. Ke mpa ke ipotsa hore naa e be nako enkiloeng ke banna le basali ba e kae, ho fuputsa the causes of these problems,to come up with the suggested solutions and possible side effects. Haeba ka nnete litsibi tsa molao le moruo li teng tabeng ena ruri ke re ha re eeng!!!!! This should not be looked at the angle of benefiting a certain party bt the country. Barutehi thusanang hle!!!!! Bolibe bona ha ke tsepe ba ka re thusa hobane ke batho ba honya matsete.

  44. Jooooe! matona a khabane a jang lichelete tsa bana ba basotho ba futsanehileng re kopa le seke mpe la sebelisa masole le moplesa hampe ho bolaea bana bano ba basotho haba tseka litokelo tsa bona, Ntate Pakalitha GADDAFI Mosisili araba litlhoko tsa rona.

  45. koepere e tsoile moraheng. Bang ba ne ba nahana hore e tsoela ma-ABC, but ke bona e shapa ba bacha le bakhale. Ho bona poo ea ka tsoelike.

  46. Even those who are intending to study at nul, we are going to drastically cut the numbers. We have no money to pay for all those first class cosc students. Maybe half. The rest will have to find own funding, we are still strategizing as to how to communicate. The government is broke. There is literally no money. First class or no first class we are not going to finance studies. There is no money in goverment.

  47. We beg all the taxi operators not to support this because ntate Chakela is going to review all the prizes for licenses. In fact the license fee is going to be reduced from R700 to the normal R100. Even those many toll gates we were going to make across the country have been halted. As for the pot holes at the traffic circle and many places we are waiting for Thescons construction to finalize the RFP for rehabilitation. For graduates not getting jobs I think our finance minister miscommunicated the policy. He was tasked with coming up with a policy to gradually cut the wage to just around 15% of our GDP, but instead he introduced a radical policy. We wanted a gradual not a radical policy. We apologize to the affected graduates. For the NMDS funds drying up, really we have no other option other than cutting the numbers. It is sad that the first class (normally from the poor backgrounds)students would be the most affected. The government has since stopped buying a litre of juice for R74. I can assure you now that we buy juice for R12 and coke for R6.00 not those ridiculous prices any more.

  48. Indeed the problem is the electorate not the government. I think this is one of the easiest governments to pull down because it permits a fair exchange of ideas. What happens? The people still make wrong choices. Why would anyone follow someone who has failed to make an impact with ample opportunities. I think its high time the youth be on guard to take the country forward and not be used by these old men of polotiki tsa Leabua, Mokhehle, qomatsi joalo joalo.
    Ka hona ha ke na ho thusa batho ba batlang ho pata babolai lekhaale! e eo ba tla mo khetha etlare ha a le selehe, sebakeng sa ho mo tebela ka khetho ba tla batla ho mo bolaea, ha ba hloloa ba bona hore ba tla hlahella pooaneng ba re meme ho etsa mekoloko. Oho he ho lekane batho.

  49. a tseba ‘muso oo o tauoeng oa ma LCD ‘na oa tena? o tlare ha ba jele chelete ee ea sechaba ka sehloho ha kale hona joale basa boetse ba batla ho qetela tsee tsa rona? ba nyela. nxaaaaaa!!!!

  50. Ke countdown joale. Ke eletsa ma-nul ohle ho ila mokoloko oo oa masepa, or else ba tlo nyela ‘moho le bo-ramakeoane le pholo and their company. Mapolesa a muso oa motlotlehi a laetsoe ho shapa mahlanya hosane. Tlohela ho sebelisa lebitso la ka Matheso ngoaneso. Ehlile ke lesrc ngoaneso ebile nul students wil nt take part in d barbaric demonstration as long as im stil in charge here. Ea fofa nonyana!

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