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Seriously, what happened to respect?

Our neighbouring country, or should I say our surrounding country – is proposing new laws concerning alcohol.

One of the first things they are proposing is that the age of consent for drinking should be raised from 18 to 21.

I totally agree with this proposal.

I say so because of the beneficial reasons ranging from health, social empowerment, to even national economic betterment.

Oh yes, I am all up for social responsibility and all that jazz, but I have my own really selfish reasons (on top of all the above) for supporting this change.

You see, in our little, very, very little capital city, we have a serious problem of under-age drinking and places that trade in alcohol are doing very little to curb this.

Moreover, we have a bigger problem of a lack of recreational venues, be they for night or day time entertainment.

That is why just about everywhere there is alcohol for sale. You will most definitely bump into some screechy teeny-boppers inebriated out of their skulls.

Besides the problem of the moral decay of our society, it is seriously annoying.

By pointing out how annoying this is, I am not trying to belittle the graveness of our future generation wasting away because of alcohol and even drugs.

It is just that they know, and we all know, it is drummed into our ears time and again, the dangers of binging, no matter the age.

It is just that, drinking is an adult choice, so these kids have no business meddling in things bigger than them, it is just not right.

Remember I just told you that we have a huge problem of not having places to hang out.

Now combine that with an infestation of these silly kids, so drunk they forget their names and their elders.

We “the adults” have no places to actually sit, dance, have a drink with other “adults” and socialise on an adult level.

I put the “adult” in brackets because unfortunately some people my age really do not know how to act, they just happen to be at some age . . . sad indeed, but that is a story for another day!

You try to get your drink on, and this disgustingly drunk young buck, more like punk, comes up to you and lewdly whispers “Baby”!

Do not get me wrong, it is disgusting done by anyone, but done by a silly boy still wet behind the ears – it is horrendous!

I have heard some women argue that it is flattering to be hit on by younger guys, whatever!

Being hit on is being hit on, but being hit on by a lad who is actually drunk because he is celebrating his first clump of visible pubic hair is nowhere near flattering!

It is a well known fact, which works for all ages, sex and creed that alcohol gives you a sense of bravery.

It actually makes you think you can do a lot of things that when you are sober you would not really do.

That is why when you meet them the next day after they have made untoward moves he runs miles – like the character on his PJ’s, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jo! Then we get to the females, they are the worst!

After they have poured a few units of alcohol down their throats, these girls turn into screeching vampire bats that want to sink their fangs in anything that walks, and mostly has some sort of wallet.

They already have the belief that they own the world, because they got legs and stuff, now when they are drunk they feel they are entitled to do exactly that. 

I guess I am ranting and getting off topic a bit, but really you know what I am talking about. I cringe just thinking about it, that is why I will not even get into listing all the things they get up to.

Truth be told it is not just the kids who make idiots of themselves, leaving their manners, good sense and underwear at the bottom of a glass.

It is not just teenagers who drink themselves into oblivion and cause stupid accidents or commit atrocious crimes.

It is not just these kids who are ascertaining there will not be any leaders to rule this land in the future.

It is all of us.

We are all responsible for the moral decay of our society and more than anyone else we, the “adults” are to blame because we are spurred on by greed, immorality and just plain stupidity and egos.

Alcohol traders want to make more money.

Older men and women ba nonosa (lure) kids with money and the coolness of alcohol and drugs.

We have no sense of self-worth that we do not realise the damage we are doing to ourselves and our future. Sad hey . . .

The question is: Will the amendments really do anything for our future-less leaders (and us) or do we really need some other intervention?

A quick look at some of the countries that have actually enforced these laws shows a variation of outcomes.

So I guess we will wait for our neighbour to do it then see what happens? Or follow suit? Whatever!

All I really want is for all these “young’uns” to stay out of my way when I am getting my drink on.

Seriously, what happened to respect?

Don’t you remember the old principle: “Respect your elders”?

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