Moleleki to stand trial


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The corruption trial of former Natural Resources Minister, Monyane Moleleki, would begin on 26 August this year as scheduled despite the continued uncertainty over his health, the prosecution has said.
Acting Chief Justice Tšeliso Monapathi announced the trial date last month after the case had been postponed on several occasions due to Mr Moleleki’s ill-health.

The former minister faces three counts of contravening the Mines and Minerals Act, alongside businessmen Mohapi Khofu, Tšepo Khofu, Kereke Moteletsane and Moeketsi Motšoane, who are all directors of Mafeteng-based firm, Refela Holdings.

According to the charges, the businessmen allegedly failed to comply with the said legislation between 1-29 May 2012 when acquiring licences to prospect for diamonds in Ha Ramatšeliso and Mosaqane in the Qacha’s Nek district.

Mr Moleleki, who was the minister of natural resources at the time the offense was allegedly committed, stands accused of abusing his office to facilitate the issuance of the said permits.
However, the case has failed to take-off in the High Court on a number of occasions due to Mr Moleleki’s poor health. Mr Moleleki, who is deputy leader of Lesotho’s main opposition political party, the Democratic Congress (DC), is said to suffer from cancer and his doctor has since indicated he is not fit to stand trial due to the advanced state of the illness.

Mr Moleleki’s lawyer, Advocate Salemane Phafane (King’s Counsel), on Tuesday this week filed an updated report of his client’s medical condition before the High Court, which indicated he was scheduled to undergo further tests on 28 and 29 July.

However, according to the lawyers prosecuting the case, Advocate Siphosihle Mdlhuli and Attorney Khotso Nthontho, this new development would not affect the schedule of the trial.
The lawyers could, however, not give further details of the report citing it contained confidential information of the patient and also that it was not presented in an open court.

Attorney Nthontho told the Lesotho Times: “We are coming back on 15 August to settle other pending issues pertaining to this matter, before the actual hearing of the case, which is scheduled to run for two consecutive weeks beginning 26 August. These dates will not be affected by this new development.”
“The defence has also complained that we have not yet complied with their request for further particulars of the case, which we will address before the trial begins.”

According to Attorney Nthontho, the defence team, which comprises Advocate Phafane (KC) and Advocate Zwelakhe Mda (KC) has requested documents the prosecution intends to put before the court as evidence against Mr Moleleki and his co-accused.
“This is what we will be settling when we meet on 15 August before the actual trial begins,” Attorney Nthontho said.

Meanwhile, Advocate Mdlhuli has also reiterated the fact that Mr Moleleki still has to undergo medical tests does not change the hearing dates of the case.
“The hearing dates are still the same. The case will start from 26 August and the fact that he has to under some tests does not change anything concerning this scheduled,” Advocate Mdlhuli said.

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9 thoughts on “Moleleki to stand trial

  1. I hardly understa why molli ele hona a llang after two years unless haesale a khotsofetse jwale baqeta ho qhabana ke hona a buang?KHOTSO PULA NALA

  2. I am perplexed by how this case is handle. last time acting chief justice and Mr Sipho Mdluli visited Mr Moeleki’s home to verify his sickness but none of them is a Doctor. How did they verify mona ho bapalloa ho rona ke batho ba baholo. Its only a Dr that can verifies someone sickness thru several tests. Next time I advise you to look second opinion from other doctor as way of verification. Le tlohele ho itlama ka lintho tseo lesa litsebeng.

  3. What kind of society are we that drags a Person with a terminal illness before the courts of law?

    Moreover, even the drivers of this stand to benefits nothing other than political score goals for their political parties.

    In recognizing that Political parties are led by nothing other than humans, what an inhuman political leader would enjoy dragging the terminally ill before the courts of law!

    The whole adventure defeats the very essence of justice, restoration, prevention etc you name them.

    At the end of the day, nobody would have appeared the winner save the imminent grave-our these People Political leaders or grave diggers!

  4. @ BKC
    Oa e bua nnete oa Mma. I have never seen a cruel and heartless people like these, completely devoid of human conscience. One would expect that common sense would prevail under these circumstances. But instead some depraved individuals are peddling base and shameless talk! It’s revolting to see people sowing hatred like this to score cheap political scores. When a situation is like this, you give a person space and the human dignity that he deserves. If it’s the one with an unfortunate face who is perpetuating this, I am so afraid of him, really afraid. Even Megrahi, the Libyan who was rightly or wrongly convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was released in August 2009 “ON COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS.” What is it that Mokola has done under the Sun to deserve this kind of inhumane treatment? The level of thinking and reasoning of people who try to justify this is so low that it hurts. For the most part, it borders on vengeance and deep hatred and nothing else.

  5. We sometimes use tactical “wordsmithing” speeches and approaches in order to derail people’s thinking, feelings, sympathies, etc. and bring more confusion instead of finding the trueness matter of fact on the subject. Ke leka ho bolela hore re se re tloaetse ho sebelisa mantsoe a fanang ka khathatso ea kelello ho batho molemong oa ho pata bobe. Mohlala: 1. “gay” e bolela thabo empa e sebelisoa ho batho ba etsag sodomy. 2. Murder of child through abortion e fetoletsoe hore ke choice of freedom e ka etsoang ke motho kahare ho litokelo tsa mantlha tsa botho. 3. Conniving with evil to do sin, we simply term it as “a big deal” ele hore re tle re sebelise mantsoe a kang “inhuman treatment” ha ho hlaoloa liphoso ho batho ba bang or simply use “compassionate grounds” ha motho a bolaile batho ba bangata ka sehloho.
    Joale kea elelloa hore hona ke “tactic of the devil to mislead people and bring more confusion or his strategy to fight the spiritual battle”. Khele! batho ba bangata re shoele lefu la moea le pele re ahloloa ke ho sebelisoa ke moea o mobe.

  6. Bohlanya ke boo! Moleleki ha a qetoa ke stress se lebiseng ho cancer a se qosoe ka chelete tsa sechaba. Le bapalla cheleteng tsa Basotho hakakang. Mosotho ona re ha e shoa ea raha, ha a hlatse chelete tseo tsa sechaba boo.

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