Mokhothu angered by attempts to disrupt his rally

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’Marafaele Mohloboli

DEPUTY Prime Minister, Mathibeli Mokhothu, was seething yesterday after a group clad in Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) regalia disrupted his rally at the Thetsane industrial area.

Mr Mokhothu was addressing hundreds of factory workers when about 10 men and women clad in RFP regalia started chanting their party’s slogan; “moruo” (wealth/prosperity).

They were joined by more than 100 others who were in their ordinary clothes.

But a furious Mr Mokhothu would have none of it. He immediately chastised them saying he would not tolerate provocation from members of other political parties.

“I don’t take that coming from boys,” Mr Mokhothu admonished.

“When you leave this rally, you should learn to respect other parties,” he told the trouble makers.

In an indirect attack on RFP leader, Sam Matekane, Mr Mokhothu said he was fed up with party supporters led by “inexperienced leaders” who used their slogans to provoke other parties’ supporters.

“This is totally wrong. We at the DC are taught respect, discipline and humility. Our slogan is not a cheap line, it is expensive and it is something that cannot be said by a nobody.

“I’m fed up of RFP members who are always behaving as if they are the only ones with a slogan or have a right to politic. They are forever provoking other parties and not even their leader (Maketane) is saying anything about this. We can’t tolerate this behaviour and we need to know exactly what this behavior means,” Mr Mokhothu said.

Contacted for comment, RFP spokesperson, Mokhethi Shelile, said his party would not be answerable for the behaviour of individuals whose identities they cannot ascertain.

“We are not going to answer for people whom we hardly know. We cannot even tell if the people who tried to disrupt the DC rally at the Thetsane industrial area are our members. So, for us to be blamed for some bad behaviour of people we hardly know is not right,” Mr Shelile said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mokhothu told the factory workers that if voted into power in the 7 October elections, his government would ensure that locals are given equity and managerial positions in the textile firms.

“We are also going to make sure that Basotho get shares in these factories and occupy managerial posts, unlike now where they are held mostly by foreigners.

“We will only allow the new investors to work here for a year while they are giving you extensive training so that you can take over when they leave,” he said.

A DC government would also ensure that expectant mothers in the factories get their maternity leave as stipulated by the law.

It would also build clinics around the Thetsane industrial area to ensure health services are more accessible.

“We will also build free day care centres for your children,” Mr Mokhothu said.

Mr Mokhothu told the Lesotho Times in an interview afterwards that talks were already underway with investors who were ready to come and invest in Lesotho.

“They have been ready for a very long time but we were undecided as there was a lot of uncertainty and instability in the government. The political climate was not conducive for investors then. But now we are ready.

“Right now, we are just waiting for water and electricity connections to be finalised at the Ha-Belo industrial estate in Butha-Buthe,” Mr Mokhothu said.


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