Metropolitan unveils new investment package

Bereng Mpaki

METROPOLITAN Lesotho this week unveiled a new investment package called outcome-based investing (OBI), which is the first in the country.

Metropolitan managing director Nkau Matete told guests at the launch at a local hotel on Tuesday that the package caters for the client’s unique investment needs by drawing on several products offered by other asset managers to deliver high return solution needed by the customer.

Mr Matete said the package would diversify their investments.

“For a long time, we used to have people who complained about the limited scope of products offered under our investment products and today we have OBI which is going to answer those concerns,” Mr Matete said.

“We used to be told that all our eggs are in one basket, it was becoming monotonous. I wonder what the market will have to say about OBI.

“It is about bringing you a portfolio that answers your objectives as an investor.”

He said with the advent of the new offering, it was no longer necessary for clients to go to different asset managers to get their packages but that can still happen under the OBI philosophy although those packages are offered under Metropolitan’s one umbrella.

“This new investment package is meant to solve that challenge of having to go around sounding out every asset manager. You tell us what your ideal investment outcome has to look like and we go out there and get you exactly what you want by combing different offerings from various service providers,” he said.

He said the other benefit of OBI to the customer is high value at affordable cost.

“Metropolitan has many clients, we can negotiate better rates than if a customer were to go to individually negotiate with different asset managers,” Mr Matete said.

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