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Metropolitan Branding & Marketing Manager Ts'okolo Makeka
Metropolitan Branding & Marketing Manager Ts’okolo Makeka

. . . as company marks golden jubilee in Lesotho

Bereng Mpaki

METROPOLITAN Lesotho has undertaken a rebranding exercise that will see the company adopt a customer-based strategy as it seeks to consolidate its place as the market leader in the country.

The exercise is part of the company’s commemorations of 50 years of service in Lesotho.

The facelift also involves the introduction of a range of new funky corporate colours to the company’s corporate identity to appeal to the younger population. The company logo also has new colours.

Metropolitan Lesotho Brand Marketing Manager, Tšokolo Makeka said the company had to adjust with changes that have swept over the country over the past 50 years to remain relevant and maintain its clientele base.

“Over the past 50 years many things have changed since we arrived in Lesotho and the key thing is that the people have also changed as they now have the internet, television, younger population around and high unemployment rates,” Makeka said during a media briefing yesterday.

“So, as a company that is 50 years old in Lesotho, we have realised that it is important to move and change with the people that we serve. And that change is signified not only by how and what we serve, but also how we look at our consumers,” he added.

He said they realised that in the past years, the company had not handled customers in a manner that made them feel valued but that would change.

“We are moving the insurance industry from a space where it used to be just what they call a grudge purchase.  We have realised that we have not been relating to customers in a way that makes them feel appreciated.”

He said some of the new features of the company’s brand identity included directional triangular pointers that have different colours.

“Our directional triangles pointers are also a bold new way to capture the market. On the brand they also come in the different colours of the respective business units.”

He said the bold new colours would represent the dynamic direction the organisation was taking.

“The bold colours of cherry, purple, green, yellow, orange, gunmetal, plum, aqua and teal are essential to our new corporate identity and we would like the market to know about this transformation. The main message behind our brand is financial wellness for Basotho.

“Each colour represents meaning for the financial wellness of Basotho. Cherry and coral is growing and engaging financial wellness representing Sales and Distribution. Lime is building financial wellness and represents Health. Purple is securing financial wellness and represents Employee Benefits.

“Orange is enjoying financial wellness and represents Human Resources Office. Plum is expanding financial wellness and represents Finance. Teal is enabling financial wellness and represents marketing. This is assisted by pink representing our sponsorships and activations. Aubergine is supporting financial wellness. Yellow is people and represents our Clients Service Office (CSO). Aqua represents our premium admin and lastly gunmetal is corporate,” Mr Makeka said.

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