‘Maile Mosisili killed over M20 million’

MASERU — Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili’s son Maile was killed by an army officer in 2002 after he refused to release M20 million deposited into his bank account by some cabinet ministers, according to papers filed in the High Court this week.

The damning allegations are contained in photographer Habofanoe Ntsie’s plea in a case in which he is being sued by Advocate ’Mole Kumalo, a former soldier, for alleging that he killed Maile.

In papers filed on Tuesday, Ntsie (pictured) insists that it was Kumalo who fired the shot that killed Maile after he was sent by some cabinet ministers through the then army commander lieutenant Makhula Mosakeng.

Ntsie alleges that Kumalo was sent by Lieutenant General Makhula Mosakeng at the request of the late justice minister Shakhane Mokhehle and Tom Thabane, the All Basotho Convention leader who at that time was a cabinet minister, to kill Maile.

Shakhane Mokhehle was brother to the late Prime Minister and Lesotho Congress for Democracy founder Ntsu Mokhehle.

Both Thabane and Mosakeng, who is now a senator, yesterday vehemently denied the allegations.

Ntsie says Thabane and Mokhehle ordered Maile’s elimination after he refused to release M20 million that they had allegedly deposited into his bank account.

He does not explain how the money he claims belongs to the government of Lesotho ended up in Maile’s personal account.

He however claims that he has a recording of an interview in which Kumalo confirms that he killed the prime minister’s son.

Earlier this month Kumalo sued Ntsie for M2 million saying the photographer had damaged his reputation by alleging that he had killed Maile.

Kumalo said Ntsie’s allegations were untrue.

But Ntsie’s response was to repeat the allegations and allege that Thabane and Mokhehle hired Kumalo through Mosakeng to kill Maile.

This is the first time that Thabane and Mokhehle’s names have been linked to the murder which has remained unsolved since 2002.

A few months back the police dangled a M2 million reward to anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest of the person who killed Maile whose body was found in the bushes near Victoria Hotel.

After Maile’s death Kumalo was charged for the murder but the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

At that time the court said this decision did not preclude the crown from reviving the case if it finds new evidence.

The crown never sought to revive the case.

Instead it is Ntsie, who claims to be a “research journalist”, who says he conducted his own investigation into the murder at the behest of an international news organisation.

Ntsie says it is Kumalo who told him that Thabane and Mokhehle had asked Mosakeng to find them a “sharp shooter” to kill Maile “because he is refusing to release their money”.

“In the year 2000 at or near Maseru Post Office the plaintiff (Kumalo) met the defendant (Ntsie) and during the interview plaintiff told defendant that he (plaintiff) was commanded by Lt Mosakeng at the request of Shakhane Mokhehle and Tom Thabane that he (Mosakeng) should give him a sharp shooter to kill Maile Mosisili because he is refusing to release their money (sic),” Ntsie alleges.

Then when the murder happened in 2002, Ntsie claims, Kumalo confirmed to “one policeman Mosili and his team of investigators that he killed the Prime Minister’s son”.

“He killed the Prime Minister’s son and further said even the soldiers who were present know what happened to Prime Minister’s son.”

“It is true that he killed the Prime Minister’s son for he confirmed it.” Ntsie says that the allegations he is being sued for are untrue and insists they are consistent with what Kumalo told him in an interview.

He also says he has a recording in which Kumalo confirms that he was Maile’s killer. Last night Thabane denied the allegations and said Ntsie “must go to a mental asylum because that is where he belongs”.

“He is mad,” Thabane charged.

“Where do I get M20 million that I can bank in the prime minister’s son’s account? Do I share monies with Shakhane? Shakhane and his brother Ntsu Mokhehle were my seniors in politics and I respected them.

They taught me politics but not killing people. There is something seriously wrong with Ntsie; I think he needs a psychiatrist,” a furious Thabane said.

“I have always suspected he was mad and now I have confirmed it.” Mosakeng said he does not know anything about Ntsie’s allegations.

“Anybody who says these things about my name is being silly,” he said. In his court papers Ntsie denies defaming Kumalo in local media.

He says in his application Kumalo has failed to identify the media houses that carried the allegations that he claims were defamatory.

He also says Kumalo has no reputation to talk about but even if he has one it is not worth the M2 million that he is claiming.

“He is not known for anything of inspiration but is well-known to be a man who has been charged with the murder of the Prime Minister’s son, whose case was withdrawn under circumstances permissible in law for the case to be reinstated (sic).

“This is what is going to happen at the end of this trial for a formal inquest is yet to be done into the death of Maile Mosisili amongst others, thus plaintiff is not off the hook as he wrongly assumes for a case of murder does not prescribe,” Ntsie says.

Ntsie has asked the High Court to dismiss Kumalo’s application with costs. The matter is yet to be allocated to a judge and a hearing date has not been set.

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60 thoughts on “‘Maile Mosisili killed over M20 million’

  1. This is crazy,firstly Ntsie sees to have known about this death even before the mission could be accomplished,he kept quite and its only now that he is finding it necessary to reveal the true just because there is a certain amount of money promised? Get a life man and your gang!
    Secondly,how come Maile’s death has called people’s attention?Thus his father and those concerned.Maile is just no body like all those many other people murdered in our country,I personally argue that if that money is going to be given,this should apply*investigations* to all other Basotho; who were killed.
    I fail to understand your behavior,Mosisili and his family got to get over this,we are tired of hearing of them,and where did he get that money that he is still promising poor Ntsie?I think they should donate that money to charities/or even create posts for those poor graduates,they are all thieves nxa!
    Ntsie,your story doesnt arose any interest in me,I may say you were also in the mission but now that the guy is dead and the money is no more,you coming up with stories?your also a murder and you deserve to be in jail.
    They do not want to improve the countries infrastructure but they got money for manyala aaaa?se ka re lekang tumelo kea kopa!

  2. I can only say I am blessed not to be related to this man.How can the police department offer 2 million instead they should by more vehicles, I am tired of this thing that happens when people report robberies ebe maponesa a re ha hona koloi ba sitoa ho tla.

  3. Ntsie oa hlanya, ha a sa hlanye o tlameha a loea.

    Why did he keep silent about such important information for almost a decade? Hai ha ka tlohele ho re nyants’a phooko.

  4. Tsena li bonolo litaba.. I have a feeling ea hore Ntsie is protecting someone. Shakhane is dead & Thabane is no longer with LCD, what a coincidence that both Shakhane & Thabane are made part of this. Mccd le cabinet ea hau le tla botsoa one day & I’ll live 2 see that moment.

  5. Ntsie and your buddies, you are all nuts. In actual fact Ntsie is a murderer, and he is defaming somebody’s character, in order to hide his sins.

  6. Ke se ke itse banna ba lipolotiki ba photholehe hle. MORENA MOLIMO o ea ba senolo joale tjena.Basebetsi ba ‘muso ba sotlehile, ba pataloa meputso e senang kelello, meputso e soabisang, e sa phelising hohang, ho buuoa mashano a hore chelete ha e eo, fela ke eo ba tseba ho e kenya li-accounteng tsa bana ka bobolu. Haeba ke ‘nete taba ee, fela ke lumela hore ke ‘nete naheng ena eo corruption e kang ea Nigeria,o ba nepile Maile! le ‘na ke ne ke tla hana ho e nts’a M20 million eno, kaha ene ele ea bobolu.

    Ha bale litulong boralipolotiki baa, boikemisetso ba bona ke ho ithuisa ka bobolu mahlong a sechaba seo base busang, ebe kamorao ba lebella mehlolo ea hore basebetsi ba seke ba ba corrupt empa ele bona mehlala e mebe.Mehleng ena ea bofelo, MORENA MOLIMO o phothola boralipolotiki ba tletseng bolotsana hona hoo, haholo mona AFRICA. RSA mona rea li utloa litaba tsa bobolu ba bona bo soabisang. Ke eana mosali oa letona la intelligence security Natal, kea eane o ts’oeroe, o ahloletsoe 12 years teronkong ka ho mokola li-drugs le ma-Nigeria ka hare ho naha ea habo le ho roma batho ba mo etsetsang mosebetsi o nyonyehang ono South America. Le matona a nts’etsang linyatsi overseas ka lichelete tsa sechaba, fela ma-South Africa a sotlehile a lula mekh’ukh’ung, a sena le mesebetsi, le basebetsi ba ‘muso moo ba khola chelete e nyane ho latela maemo a moo a bophelo. Ke litaba tse ts’oanang hantle le tsa Lesotho, moo lichelete li bankoang libankeng tsa Europe, fela sechaba se sotlohile hakana. Ka holimo ho moo, Lesotho ha lena infrastructure hohang. Maseru e ea nyonyeha, e lits’la, teropo e marole, e liretse, ha ena li-pavement joaloka literopo tsa linaha tse ling. Fela empa lichelete tsa naha li utsoetsoa li-accounteng tsa bana, ha li sebeletse sechaba sa basotho. Phooooo! MORENA MOLIMO RESE RE ITSE O LULE O PHOTHOLA BA BOLOTSANA NAHENG ENA!!!

  7. Beng ba ka Sepoleseng moo, taba e teng mona. Ntle le ho iphapanyetsa mabare-bare a ka hlahisoang ke mang kapa mang taba e teng mona. 1. Na maile o ne a ena le bukana e kileng ea eba le chelete e M20m e bolokiloe ka nako e le nngoe kapa ka mekhahlelo? 2. E ne ele banka efe eo bukana e butsoeng ho eona? Bookameli ba banka e joalo bo kile ba atemeloa ho fana ka lipampiri kopi (cabon papers of deposit slips) tsa chelete e koalletsoeng moo? 3. Motekeno o lipampiri koping e ne e le oa mang? 4. na ho kole hoa saloa morao ho batla mokoalli a tekenneng? 5. Ha ntle Ntsie ke mang? 6. Ntsie o tsebile neng ka M20m? 7. pele ho lefu kapa ka morao? 8. haeba ke pele, o tsebile joang? 9. Ke ka ho kopanela puo le emong oa batho baa ba a bahlalosang kapa ka menyenyetsi (mabare-bare)? 10. haeba ke ka ho kopanela puo le motho na e kile ea saloa morao. BENG BA KA LE TENG HAEBA TABA ENA EA NTSIE KE E AMANANG LE LIPOLOTIKI ELANG HLOKO HO KHALEMELA NTSIE HOBA SECHABA KA KAKARETSO SE TENNOE KE BOITS’OARO BO SENANG MOHAU BA NTSIE. Khididik!

  8. Motho enoa o na le bothata ba hlooho kannete. O re o ile a bolelloa in 2000 hore motho o ilo bolaoa eaba ha a re letho ho sepolesa? Ke lumellana le motho ea reng motho eno a ke a ilo hlahlobeloa lefu la hlooho. Ha a re ona la bopaki tje o ne a sa fane ka bona ke eng ha nyeoe ee e tla qhaloa? Mapolesa ha a ke a tlohelle ho pota-pota a nke motho enoa a mo hlome lipotsa ka litaba tsa lefu la ngoana eno. Ke na le tumelo ea hore o kennetse letsoho hofenethoeng hoa ngoana enoa oa motho joale o leka ho lahlisa mapolesa mohlala.

  9. Hona hoa hlaka hore e sa le linyane feela ke hona likholo li sa tla. Litaba tsa lehlanya le motho ea loiloe lihloka ho mameloa hantle e lehore re tsebe ho etsa liqeto tse nepahetseng.

  10. ntsie is close to telling the truth, this is simple maths, just delete thabane and shakhane in this equation, and solve for x….u wil find out who really hired a sharp shooter, how can thabane put his money in maile’s account? the question now is, who did that….just take a wild guess..

  11. Maren’aka butleng, butleng emang hanyane le shebe litaba. Habofanoe o tiisitse lipotongoane o ts’ereletsa tutuluhali ea motho lefung lena mora oa hae. Ntsie haa nkoe ka lechoba a hlongoe lipotso malebana le ho tseba ha hae ka lefu la maile le pele a boloa. Taba e teng mona.

    Taba e ‘ngoe e ka ba hore Habofanoe o’a ameha lefung la Maile empa joale li ile tsa sotha kae kae joale a fuoa mosebetsi oa hore a ferekanye sechaba le lipatlisiso ka lefu lena ‘me ke enoa o ntse a etsa mosebetsi o tsoileng matsoho le ‘monghali’ o motlotlo ka eena. Le se le tla moputso oo Habofanoe tla o amohela ka mora likhetho tsa 2012.
    Litaba tsa Lesotho e ka ka ke pale feela e le ‘nete! Banna basali ba li filimi le lipale a ke luleng fats’e le ‘ne le ngole pale ena e tsoellang pele.

  12. Tab ena ha e hloke maikutlo. Seo Ntobe a se hlaositseng ke sona se tlamehileng ho phethahatsoa. Ho itltlarietsa ka taba ena ha joale ke ts’enyo ea nako.

  13. Khelek! Litaba tsa lehlanya, kapa motho ea loiloeng li monate ha kaale-Ntsie ke hona a tla nts’a liuta, haufinyana haholo o tla phatlola ‘nete sechaba se makale. I can’t wait for that moment.’puuuuussssoo”

  14. @riri, joale wena hee ke lumellana le oena 100%, Ntsie o mpa feela a pata ‘nete.
    potso ke hore na haele mo ho bonahala a litseba ha kale o na ntsa tholetseng?

  15. Shhh! ” T’sara monoana o motona a seke a tsoha, aa! o ntsea a ipotisa mots’ele ka metsi a tsoh’e.” Le ha hojoalo tsona liteng.

  16. Ache tsa makatsa litaba ka nnete. Tom le Shakhane ba tsela chelete accounteng ea Maile, athe account# ba ne bae filoe ke mang?

    Athe ha ba mobolaea ke mang ea tlang benefita cheleteng eo
    kapa ene ele joint account
    Ntsie hlalosa hle re baholo se ka re nyant’sa phooko ha ena lebese hle

  17. taba yona e teng mona ene ese ele haufi le ho hlahella pooaneng haeba ha eso hlahe! do you think ntsie (leha a hlanya hakaalo) a ka riska tabeng e kale kale? ea hore na why a ile a thola nako e telele ke utloa ese taba e re kannang ra ipotsa ka yona coz ona le mabaka? HA HO NA MOTHO A SA TSEBENG BOBOLU BO ETSAHALANG KAHARE HO NAHA ENA EA MOSHOESHOE HAA EO!

  18. It is surprising that Ntsie has been knowing this much all along without relaying the relevant information to the police.

    It is equally surprising that everyone who appears to differ with Ntsie it is because in one way or another he/she is related to the death of Maile Mosisili.

    It is also surprising that Pakalitha is keeping quite while this lunatic is always dragging his late son’s name in all the forms of the filthy mud-as he always does.

    It is also surpring that this lunatic-camera man has all of a sudden turned into an investigative reporter without qualifications.

    I dont and never agrees with Thabane on most things, but I here agree with him that this chap belongs to a mental assylum- ke tseketseke ea mafelelo!!

  19. Hona ke mehlolo! Joale ntsie eena ka ‘nete o nahana hore re bana ba hae? Hona ke ho tloalela makhotla, I dont think bare allegations he is making will help his case in any way, luckily Judges are human beings and this media publicity is already playing against him. He cannot fool us and he will not fool the courts. Baheso KE NAKO, Ntsie is going down both in his Criminal case and where he is sued civilly. Ha e shoa e ea raha. PUUUUSSSOO!!!

  20. Makhabane Lerotholi May 13, 2011 at 1:25 pm - Reply

    This case will make sense to me if somebody can answer the following for me: who is paying the 2 million reward – public or ntate Mosisili in his own capacity? If its paid by tax payers’ money, can they please put reward money to help solve all unsolved murder cases that took place before Malie’s case. Which bank was 20 million deposited into and who got the money after Malie was killed? ntate Thabane, if you’re not involved, sue Ntsie now for defamation. if Ntsie knew about the plot to murder prime minister’s son, why didnt he alert the police and his father? Who else knew about the plot?

  21. in every rumour there is some truth inside, leha ekaba 1% of it. But then again I ask myself, what would Shakhane and Tom stand to gain with Maile’s death, unless this guy is implying that Maile had the two on his will as beneficiaries? Now that Maile is gone, what was the worth of his estate, was it around M20million?

  22. Just asking myself:
    1.Are there any records that shows that Maile once had M20,000 000 in his account? Which bank? (Though I know that this might be a hard nut to crack unless the detectives are involved)

    Just wondering how the alleged money was deposited into Maile’s account and what was the expalanation to the bank behind such a huge deposit into a 22yr old student in Lesotho.

    2.If Khumalo did indeed kill Maile, what motivated him to disclose such an info to Ntsie? Are they friends?

    3.Of all the journous in Lesotho why did this “news agency” decided to “approach” a “journo” called Ntsie?

    4.Which “news agency” is this?

    5.Am tired of asking myself questions because there are a lot more….

    5.Can Ntsie be so brave to mention the names of such high profile ministers? (Unless if indeed he is mad)

    6.The silence of the PM is worrying.He is 2 quite n y?

  23. Bana beso a ko lekoleng taba tsa banna bana ba babeli

    “Comment by knowledge on 25 March 2011:


    Who killed Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili’ son, Maile


    According to Ntsie, Maile Mosisili was kiled by Khumalo, Thabane, Mosakeng, Makhakhe, and Major Mosakeng


    Maile Mosisili was killed by his father Pakalitha Mosisili as a satanic sacrifice to ensure Mosisili stays in power for as long as it would take him(remember he’s been in power since 1998, its now 2011)


    Ntsie is a satanist that belongs to the same group with Pakalitha Mosisili. He was sent by the satanic soceity to keep the people/nation into confusion such that Basotho people will never know who killed Maile Mosisili. Ntsie will never spent time in jail, he has got dark forces working for him.


    There’s nothing that devastates and destroys these satanits like prayer. Prayer will put them in confusion, prayer will harm them, prayer will expose them.

    Spiritual things cannot be solved by police or the courts of law, they are above ordinary human capacity. Basotho people have to fast and pray for their country. They should direct their prayers to Pakalitha Mosisili specifically, then they’ll see what happens. The satanic forces that propelled him to power will crumble.”

    Comment by mapoli on 25 March 2011:

    This is from last year

    (Comment by Adv. Tealo Solver a.k.a on 16 April 2010:

    You shall not kill him, but will do that myself ! Bana beso Ntsie re kene kereke le yena Back there when i used to be a good killer. He killed that Man on the road to Sehlabeng, i tried to give evidence in the court but because i was now against my former church and him however it was to no avail. Simply because ntho tsa semoea hali sebetse ka khotla. The evidence i gave before magistrate….(wish not to mension his name) was such that we(‘na le Ntsie) are capable of seeing each other ‘s deeds before and after commission due to the power of the Dark Force that we have surrendered our authority, was reduced to nonsese.

    but because you too cannot believe as was the court then here is something that you should belief Ntsie will not be arrested watch the space!.Why? Because so says our ruler as He puts “Thou shall not be cought” They are going to make him a deputy minister finally a full fleched minister from 2012 till his death Watch the space agian. Altimately his Death will result from his neighbours thouh killing him at The political rally. all this when happening will be long gone…..to one of the most cherished country to live in Ethopia)

  24. ntsie is merely defending a case of defamation. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and his defence has nothing to do with the criminal case….. he simply fights for his head.

  25. Mosotho oa khale-khale o re lekoko la motho ha le thakhisoe fats’e. Ha re sheba history,Julius Caesar on blelloe ke lehlanya hore a hlokomele 1st of March ea o re ba mo tlose tseleng o oa lora. Ha ho motho ea ka bapalang ka mabitso a batho joaloka ka lits’omong tse roabatsang bana.Lefu la Maile hona le motho ea tsebang ka lona. Ke kopa re tloheleng ho bua hahlol ka Ntsie esere a soloa ke mothala pele a nya matsete.

  26. Yes! And if that is the kind of behaviour the book talked about.nice cool and what ever you may think of.

  27. People of God. I have never seen Mr Ntsie(if he still is). I have heard of him. He must be a very wild fool in Lesotho. moreover he has some connection with our leader(me excluded). Hes has for some time been the boss of the roads i hear. you can’t touch him and go unharmed. SHIT.
    he is our next #$%^

  28. Taba ke eo. Hata ba tsa Ntsie li butsoa joaele re bona mehlolo ea hore Mookameli oa Sepolesa oa retire ebe ke hobaneng?

  29. Ntsie is defending a civil matter facing him here. I guess the Lesotho Police and the DPP will be ready in the near future to further their investigations and go ahead with the criminal case against the suspects who will be determined by thorough investigations they make. ke oo mosebetsi ma CID ha re boneng.

    Mccd ena is damn cruel. his son killed and he does not care whether the is arrested or not. what a hell on earth is that.

    there is no logic in implicating Tom,Shakhane and Mosakeng.’NETE KE HONA E TLA TSWA MONA.

  30. hee! re lekeile ke Ntsie ea bonang eka ke habo Lesotho mona,o khannisa le batho habohloko tseleng mona,esatlabe ebe ke ena ea bolaileng Maile eno oa teng.

  31. I am tired of this Ntsie guy. I reserve my energy for other guys like mccd and maile but not Ntsie. mccd is the father to maile. maile is dead. there is some 20 million. some put the figure at 2 million. when maile was shot there were apparently two prostitutes who now live in johannesburg paid for by mccd (using our taxes of course). maile died a miserable death. Maile’s father did nothing to get to the bottom of the matter. maile is not the only one who gets killed in this country. We still need that our R20 million that maile and shakhane and tom and maybe size looted. where did it end. surely size took the r20 million because he is the beneficiary to the bank accounts of his son. nxa.

  32. ha ba u patale khumalo, kea tseba u moshaanaa bohlaale ho lekanaa, maumau tsena tse bo ntsie tsona li nne li kenye ntata tsona sekolotong ho feta ka defarmation of ppls xacters

  33. the father had something to do with this killing, how did thabane and shakhane get account number if not through the father??? size two has to be interrogated too HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW, RIGHT???

  34. ho ke mofu mofunyetsa pere, ntsie le Mosisili ba tseba ho hong. ba tla li araba leholimong koana. 20million eo e kae now,ke mathata a maholo ruri. ha re seke ra nyants’oang phooko hleng.

  35. Eno ebareng ke Ntsie le Doctor ea Malaysia ba hlokoa ho nomoroa ka phafa feela batla hlaisa litaba.Ereng mapolesa ano a tsebang ho ts’oara le ho bolaea bana ba sekolo ba ba ts’oare.

  36. Finaly mosisili ulaba fumana people to pin hs son’s death on…ke mashano fela,d PM is capable of alot o things so i say u killed your own son..he is dead now nun is goin to bring him back your heartles vulture.

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