Libya embassy hoists two flags

MASERU — Lesotho will not take a position on the Libyan political impasse until calm prevails in the North African state, Foreign Affairs Minister Mohlabi Tsekoa said on Tuesday.

“You must have noted that Lesotho has not pronounced whether or not it supports the situation in Libya. This is because we want to be clear as to what is really happening,” Tsekoa said.

“The country is in a state of revolution, of war. These are early days to declare our stance as a country.”

Tsekoa was responding to questions by the Lesotho Times to explain why the Libyan embassy in Maseru had been allowed to hoist the two flags representing the warring sides in Libya.

The embassy last week hoisted the flag representing the old order under Muammar Gadaffi as well as the new one representing the National Transitional Council (NTC), the rebel group that ousted Gadaffi last month.

“We have not associated ourselves with them (rebel authority) as we’re taking time to assess the situation on the ground, so that when we finally take a position, it’s an informed one,” Tsekoa said.

He added that Lesotho’s embassy in Libya would remain closed until “such a time that calm prevails”.

“Our embassy staff has come back home from Libya until such a time that order has been restored in that country.”

Tsekoa on Friday summoned the Libyan officials to his office to explain why the embassy had hoisted the rebel flag.

He said the issue of the two flags “is out of our hands”.

“The issue of two flags is totally new to us. But there is not much we can do except to seek an explanation from the Libyan embassy in Maseru,” Tsekoa said.

Tsekoa also revealed that the Libyan officials in Lesotho had told him that they were hoisting the NTC flag because it “is representative of the Libyan people”.

“I have been told that the Libyan embassy in Lesotho represents the Libyan people, who have pronounced clearly that they endorsed the leadership of the NTC,” Tsekoa said.

He said the officials made it clear to him that they took orders directly from the Libyan people.

Attempts to get comment from the Libyan embassy yesterday failed with a secretary who picked the phone telling this paper that they would not be responding to questions from the media.

“The embassy will not be responding to any questions from the media,” she said.

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11 thoughts on “Libya embassy hoists two flags

  1. The equivocation came through the expression that ran, ” To be or not to be”. The character that uttered these words in Shakespeares play came to a fatal ending.

    When the Minister of Foreign Affairs becomes equivocal in his decisions it can only be concluded that his thinking processes are opportunistic and can be fatal!

    The Minister needs to be clear, embassies do not represent regimes or governments but the People of those countries.

    The situation in Libya cannot safely bring about a conclusion that the People have spoken, but that the gun has spoken! The People will only talk and express their self-determination through the ballot box when that time comes!

    Right now there are still too many unanswered questions-who is the legitimate representative of the Libyan People? Questions about Libyas’ past-in terms of the revolution that saw Gaddaffi coming into power are now irrelevant since they were never asked at the right time. What is relevant now remains as, ‘Who is the legitimate representative of the Libyan People in Lesotho? Where we are not sure that can only lead to one fatal equivocal answer,’We do not know-it might be Gaddaffi or the NTC’!

    In conclusion, rather than make fatal conclusions the Minister should be closing down that embassy pending clarity from the Libyan People through the ballot.

    The decision by the Minister to tolerate two opposing ‘National’ flags in the soil of Lesotho gives us a clear picture of what type of leadership we have in this Country-undecided, opportunistic and fatalistic!

    Who wants such leadership in this country? Where can such leadership take us?

    Answers to the above questions can only be deduced from the visible destitution and acute poverty of the People of this country.

    When Leaders have outrun their usefulness they better leave before being asked to leave.

    Or are they waiting for the Libyan styled revolution?

  2. BKC you have blown the wind out my sail SIR!! well spoken and very well put.I really don’t understand why you’d be neutral in a matter that half the world has decide upon. Some have recognised and some have failed to recognise, why can’t Lesotho decide.

  3. why did the libyan ambassador not returned home when riots intensified, this two flag thing would not have happened. He wants to be evicted like the one from mugabeland(former zimbabwe). But a country cannot afford to stay lukewarm. we must be decisive just the way BKC had put it.

  4. The Minister should not bring the era of Gaddaffi with the flag which the people of Libya does not want,

    Ho ea lieanoa lipolitiking ntate Minister,ka likhetho tse fapaneng le tsa Lesotho mona,Ka matla a mponyane a thusitseng hore ma-congress e be a re lekile ha kana Kapa through succession like Kabila did in DRC.


  5. I JUST LOVE LESOTHO!!! We have miracles and political ‘firsts.’ we are surely the first country that a sitting PM could topple his own govt, bt Mokhehle did. Now its 2 flags , tomorrow ebe re tlo bona eng? Molimo ntate..!?

  6. It is clear that the Gadaffi’s camels have brought this confusion. Is there anyone who knows what happened to them? I remember hearing that one of them died. what about the rest? our leaders are pathetic. they want to stay lukewarm so that whichever way they may get camels. However, this dangerous and pathetic. Mugabe has decided! Botswana has taken position. what about Lesotho?

  7. It is true that Governments change for so many reasons as stated, by Tsoeu and Sportlight on their postings. Some even unseat themselves as we can recall what Hon. Mokhehle did.
    The people of Libya were tired of a dictatorial Gov which they protested against. The self made leader efforts to fight protesters turned against him when the people fought back, eventually he was toppled, by the Libyans, those are the friends of Lesotho under NTC now, not Brother Leader himself.
    Ntate Minister why can’t you just see a simple thing, your friend has been toppled?? What else do you think will happen, he might resume power to rule that country again?? Maybe I’m subject to correction but I don’t think he will resume power!

  8. It is time now to reform UN.UN presently can be called UN-USA because it uses other countries to achieve it goals by providing false information to UN-US i.e.United Nation of the United States.

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