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I ONCE told you I am in love with myself. I still am.

I am so totally in love with myself because I instigate beautiful feelings within people.

I also germinate creativity in them.

Honestly, men — and even women — have come up with the most beautiful, heart-pumping lines to express themselves, trying to capture the essence of the love (in most forms) that I inspire in them.

Hold on, I am not trying to blow my own horn — don’t know how to — but for real, try to be me for one day to hear what I hear.

Anyway, I only backtracked a bit because I want to go back and talk about love on a broader aspect (though not as deep).

Love is special.

We all agree on that fact.

Also, love is wide-ranging but also quite weird.

First and foremost, you have to love yourself.

This you have to do before you even begin to think of co-existing with other people.

You have to do it to understand your very existence and love itself.

Loving yourself will help you understand and know yourself and this will help in your mental and spiritual growth.

When you know your dislikes and likes as well as your weaknesses and strengths you are able to become a unique individual.

You are able to make choices and decisions.

Do not try to kid yourself though.

Knowing that your weakness is being too soft and then letting people trample all over you is NOT loving yourself.

You are doing the opposite.

There is a commandment in the Bible that says “love thy neighbour”.

It is self-explanatory, and your neighbour is not strictly the person who lives next to your house.

There is also another that goes “do not covert thy neighbour’s wife” (or something like that). 

Love the person — do not be envious of them.

There are some folks I know who say the two statements are rather contradictory. What do you think?

Remember the track by the late LV, “. . . Love the one you with”, gets you thinking doesn’t it?

Anyway you have to love, and stop all this abuse — rape, murder, theft and crime in general.

Let love into your heart.

Believe me it works!

Yes, they say love your neighbour, but they also say love your enemy.

Well, loving thy enemy is rather complicated when you know that the person is out to destroy you, but believe me it works.

When you love your enemy you reduce the chances of being used and taken advantage of.

Your enemy does not only mean your sworn foe.

Your enemy is anyone who uses and abuses you, especially in the name of love.

Anyone who smiles at me, then goes behind my back to spread malicious drivel about me is an enemy.

Anyone who purports to love me yet makes it a mission to use and abuse me mentally, physically and spiritually is an absolute enemy to me in my books.

But I still love them, because it is better to have them near me than far!

Yeah, I know I have closed the distance, bringing my back nearer for the knife to plunge, but look at it this way too: they nearer so I can smack them too quite easy.

Love your country.

Yes, I love my country and I have even been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo which is Lesotho-orientated (any sponsors?).

However, sometimes it is very hard to love something which is not working for you, something that is not developing you.

I guess that is why I love the mountains and the rivers and not the flag.

I love the individuality of this small country, but . . .

Love is a wonderful phenomenon and we all have to experience it one way or the other, motherly love being the first that we encounter while she is lugging you around for the first nine months.

There are some evil beings out there who have no space for love in their hearts and even heads.

Those are the type of people that we need to either convert or get rid of.

You cannot live without love.

I know there is water, food, money and all that, but look at those people who have no love in them — they suffer every waking day!

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