COSC results out, pass rate slightly down

MASERU — The Ministry of Education and Training will release the 2009 Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) results today.
Acting education minister Ralechate ‘Mokose told a press conference yesterday that candidates would start getting their results at their respective centres this morning.
‘Mokose said the 2009 pass rate was 0.6 percent lower than last year.
He said the overall school leaving certificate pass was 56.9 percent.
Some 10 269 students registered for the course but 10 180 managed to sit for the examinations according to ‘Mokose.
He said 5 789 of those that took the examinations obtained a school leaving certificate.
He said 4 329 candidates obtained the General Certificate of Education (GCE).
“This is an increase of 1.5 percent,” ‘Mokose said.
“The number of first class and third class passes has increased while second class passes have decreased.”
He said although 2009 saw a slight increase in the candidates who obtained A-grades in English the number of students who got a pass was similar to 2008. 
“The performance in both Mathematics and Sesotho is very similar to that of last year,” ‘Mokose said.
According to the ministry’s figures, 584 (5.7 percent) students obtained first class passes while 1 823 (17.9 percent) obtained a second class pass.
‘Mokose said 62 candidates did not meet the requirement to obtain either a school leaving certificate or the general certificate.
A total of 3 382 (33.2 percent) obtained third class while 4 329 obtained GCE.
“He said the top students were Hlabathe Zwelithini of St Boniface High School and Qhotsokoane Tebello of Leribe English Medium High School who both obtained an aggregate of 6 A’s congratulations, you have made the nation proud,” he said.

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6 thoughts on “COSC results out, pass rate slightly down

  1. Pastor Dyke Matjelo January 29, 2010 at 9:25 am -

    To those who Got GCE and 3rd Class
    Bouncing back from failure and tapping into the positive power of failure is the biggest predictor of success in life.let this be a leaning curve ..there is the power of failure…Go rewrite and prove everybody wrong.
    Never allow these results to describe who you are,you can bounce back
    Ho Checha hoa Ramo Hase Ho Baleha ke ho nka Matla Morao,Failure is not finality but indicates that you have to change the way u planned your work.Commitment is the highest Course in the school of success. Success brings with a feeling of gratitude for the self as well as those who have contributed to it. It brings happiness and pleasure. If we are not willing to feel these things, if we fear the power of success because of mass conscious distortions of what it is and what it implies, it will be hard to come by ..the fact that you got Gce does not disqualify u in the university of Success..You are still great and wonderful never give up.

    From Dyke Matjelo
    Motivational Speaker

  2. Best you should edit the webpage subject COSC results out, pass rate slightly down : Lesotho Times to something more specific for your subject you write. I liked the post however.

  3. To me, a mortal man, it does not mean anything wheather the perfomance is best or west.what is important is; are we going to benefit. From which hell is our gorv going to source the reasons for not taking them further?

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